Has Supply Teaching Changed?

Supply Teaching

With the variety and change that is surrounded in Supply Teaching, we want to ensure you are ready for the sudden arrival of September. Here is how working with a teaching agency can offer you.

‘Suited and Booted’

My experience of interviews will hopefully provide you with some ease and reassurance about what seems a scary task, with the help of iCan Teach UK.

The Life of Teaching Begins

I never thought after completing my NQT, I would be writing a blog for the world to read. If this is not a prime example of the opportunities many teachers have to develop skills as professionals and most importantly find independence after university, then I just do not know!

Ofsted – what you need to know as an overseas teacher

Typewriter Checklist for Ofsted

Simply hearing the word ‘Ofsted’ can strike fear into the heart of any teacher. But if you stay cool and focus on your strengths you’ll be well placed to manage the tricky inspection process, writes Matt Brown, Director of Dunbar Education.

Top 10 online resources to help teachers plan a lesson

In this day and age, a Teacher has to be very resourceful and innovative in ways of communicating lessons to their students. Since the Pandemic has changed the ways in how we are communicating and also discovering information, we’ve made a list of online resources that can aid you in delivery first class lessons.