Should I take the step into an SLT role? 8 helpful points to think about…

Are you ready to climb the career ladder? Are you wanting to take that next step to become a Head of Department or a member of the Senior Leadership Team?

It may be something you haven’t thought of before as you enjoy your current role so much.

Be prepared as this will be a contrast from your teaching and duties – exciting none the less!

Dunbar have put together some tips and advice for those wanting to take that next step.

What does the new two-year NQT period mean for me?

Whether you’re toying with the idea of becoming a teacher, have started your Initial Teacher Training (ITT) or are gearing up for your NQT Induction, there are some changes in place that you need to know about.

NQT Survival Guide – How To Combat The First Year!

We think teachers are heroes. That’s why Dunbar Education love working with you! We agree and know that teaching is one of the hardest jobs in the world, and not only that, one of the most responsible jobs out there! With everything you need to think about, you are nurturing our future generations of leaders, scientists, doctors and more.

A lot to think about, we know. You are passionate and you care. It is emotional, yet oh so rewarding. But remember you’re an NQT, we understand how overwhelming that is

Let’s get you back into routine in 2021 – New year, New you!

First of all, everyone at Dunbar Education would like to wish you a Happy New Year! Whether you have been working within a setting or working remotely, everyone has earned a well-deserved break with a fresh start amongst us after let’s just say, a very odd year.

We hope you do feel refreshed and ready for the new year, new goals if you have any (we don’t blame you though if you don’t!)

But after time off and any break from work, we understand it is difficult to get back into a routine. Even if you are still getting used to the unfortunate routine of 2020, Dunbar is here for you with some suggestions to help out.