6 reasons why you should you use an agency!

We can understand that working with an agency seems like an extra added effort. You have extra people you need to communicate with, and the option is there to apply for a role directly.

But what is it that makes it worthwhile? The communication? The knowledge?

What about the relationships with schools, access to more roles, access to EXCLUSIVE roles, the benefits of working supply…

The reasons are endless, and, in this blog, we are going to discuss a few of the reasons why it is beneficial working with an agency, and more importantly, why it is beneficial working with us here at Dunbar Education.

Signs to resign

Teaching is a passion, and the people who choose to become teacher’s do so because they love what they do. They can provide and deliver their learning, knowledge, and skills to others – everyone has that one teacher that inspired them in school, right?!

However, sometimes it is time to move on and offer your talent elsewhere in a fresh new environment with brand new students.

Deciding to leave your role to pursue pastures new is a huge decision. So, we have come up with some key points to think about before starting your search and the signs to resign… remember Team Dunbar is only ever a phone call away to help!

How much notice do teachers need to give?

We know how committed teachers are to their roles, but after a while it is time to move on for your self-development and to shine your skills elsewhere.

Handing your notice is can be daunting in general, but resignation dates can be confusing for teachers.

Please find Dunbar’s guide to help you when you feel it is time to give your notice.

Will Brexit affect your work within Education?

This has been a whirlwind of a year, what with the constant updates about the worldwide pandemic caused by Coronavirus – Brexit had taken a step back for updates and not as clear in the news.

Are you unsure of what to do regarding Brexit if you are an international teacher working in the UK?

DBS Checks and What to do…

Woman checking DBS records

DBS stands for Disclosure and Barring Service and was established in 2012 with the aim to help employers make safer recruitment decisions. With us working in the world of Education; it is so important that Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Support Staff, and anyone who is working with children, have been DBS checked.

Has Supply Teaching Changed?

Supply Teaching

With the variety and change that is surrounded in Supply Teaching, we want to ensure you are ready for the sudden arrival of September. Here is how working with a teaching agency can offer you.

‘Suited and Booted’

My experience of interviews will hopefully provide you with some ease and reassurance about what seems a scary task, with the help of iCan Teach UK.

The Life of Teaching Begins

I never thought after completing my NQT, I would be writing a blog for the world to read. If this is not a prime example of the opportunities many teachers have to develop skills as professionals and most importantly find independence after university, then I just do not know!

Ofsted – what you need to know as an overseas teacher

Typewriter Checklist for Ofsted

Simply hearing the word ‘Ofsted’ can strike fear into the heart of any teacher. But if you stay cool and focus on your strengths you’ll be well placed to manage the tricky inspection process, writes Matt Brown, Director of Dunbar Education.