Saving useful searches – LinkedIn

How to save useful searches using LinkedIn Recruiter.

Set up your project
o Project > Create New
o Add project name e.g. English Teachers
o Create Project

• Set up your search
o ALWAYS use the postcode

  • Add Postal code/Zip code (choose a central location for your areas)
  • Choosing the locations individually will not be accurate and bring up lots of irrelevant candidates so make sure to use postcode
  • Choose distance, will depend on the size of your area

o Add job titles

  • Add all relevant job titles e.g. English Teacher, PGCE English, Head of English, English Lead, HOD English…
  • Choose whether to set these to ‘Current’ or ‘Current and Past’ job titles. I would say probably best to choose ‘Current’ to make sure only getting the most suitable candidates

o Only search for candidates you are not already connected with (hopefully you will have had contact with these anyway)

  • Network Relationships > Select ‘2nd Connections’ AND ‘3rd + Everyone Else’

o Avoid sending messages to contacts already recently contacted by somebody at Dunbar

  • Recruiting Activity > Select ‘People Without’ > Select ‘Messages’ > Choose date range (1 week)
  • This means that you will not use up credits messaging somebody that another consultant has been in touch with recently and has sent a message within 1 week

Setting up alerts for your search

o Save the search

  • Next to ‘Showing results for’, click the bookmark button
  • Create a search name (just use the same as the project name) and make sure ‘Receive email alerts for this search’ is switched on

o Get email alerts for your search

  • On the search tab, select ‘Search History’ and then ‘Saved Searches’
  • Make sure the picture of the alarm bell does not have a line through it to ensure alerts are on. You can change this just by clicking on it.
  • Tick the box next to the search name and in the top right corner select ‘Daily’ for the ‘Receive Alerts’ option

Example searches you could have:
• English Teachers
• Maths Teachers
• Science Teachers
• Trainee Teachers

This will mean that each day you will get one email from LinkedIn which will send you links for each saved search, directing you to any new candidates on LinkedIn that match your criteria for that search. You can then message them and visit their public profile to connect with them individually.

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