Odro/Video – Standard Interview Questions


When you are carrying out Odro interviews, whether that be for interviewing to introduce a candidate to your school, or as information to send out as an Eshot, below are some example questions which seem to work well.
These are some ‘stock’ questions, and each school might want something specific, however, are a good starting point if do not have anything else.

We would recommend that you ask 5 questions in the interview, so can choose from the below 7.

Odro Standard Interview Questions:
1. Please could you provide me with an overview of your Teaching Experience and the next steps you’d like to take in your teaching career?
2. Can you talk me through the process of planning a good or outstanding lesson?
3. How do you know if you have delivered a good/outstanding lesson?
4. Some pupils face all sorts of barriers to their learning. Can you share with me some strategies you could use to ensure all pupils can access the curriculum and are engaged?
5. Can you give examples of your experience with SEN/ EAL students?
6. Could you talk me through how you deal with challenging behaviour in the classroom?
7. Could you give examples of where you have raised attainment or how they have made a positive impact in a school

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