Day2Day/Temp – Teacher/TA – Registration Interview Questions

Day2Day / Temp – Teacher / TA Registration Interview Questions

Please ask a minimum of 10 questions including safeguarding and save on to Bullhorn.

General Questions
• What is your availability?
• How far are you prepared to travel?
• Public transport or driver?
• What is your ideal role?
• What is your ideal type of school?
• No go schools.
• What are your pay expectations?
• What are your plans for the future?
Why did you leave your most recent role?
• What are your qualifications?

Teacher questions
• Tell me about your role and responsibilities? (Discuss for each recent school position)
• What is your best achievement in the school?
• Do you have an example on how you have raised attainment and what the results were? –
• Have you been part of an Ofsted inspection?
• Have you been part of leading a school to a higher Ofsted rating?
• Do you have any hobbies that could benefit a school?
• Have you run an extra-curricular activity?
• What phonics programmes are you experienced in? –
• What are your most recent KS1 Phonics / SATS / GCSE results?
• Have you completed any recent CPD or training?
• Have you taken on any additional responsibilities? (Subject Lead, NQT Mentor etc)
• How would you describe your behaviour management?
• Have you experienced any different schemes of work or curriculum? (The Creative Curriculum, Singapore Maths etc)
• What SEN experience do you have?
• Have you run intervention / booster sessions?

Teaching Assistant – Many of the teacher questions also applies for TA’s as well as the below.
• What SEN experience do you have?
• What 1:1 support experience do you have?
• What other experience do you have working with children? I.e. Youth Clubs, Care experience, Brownies / Scouts etc
• Why have you chosen to work in education? (If no school-based experience)
• What is your EYFS / primary / secondary curriculum knowledge?
• Are you happy to provide personal care? (Likely in EYFS or a SEN setting)
• Have you used Makaton, PECS or trained in BSL?
• Are you Team Teach trained / experienced in positive handling?

Compliance – You must ask all these questions (on the Bullhorn template).

Advise going through these on the first pre vet phone call to eliminate any candidates we cannot work with.
• Do you have any previous safeguarding allegations that were made against you?
• Have you had any previous disciplinaries or is there anything that may come up on a reference?
• Do you have any agreed references?
• When did you last complete safeguarding training?
• Have you permanently lived in the UK for the last 5 years
• Do you have any previous criminal convictions, cautions or comments on your DBS?


• What do you consider your safeguarding responsibilities to be within the classroom?
• What would you do if a child wanted to disclose a secret to you?

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