Candidate Reg Notes Example (Perm)

Candidate Registration Notes Example

English Teacher to Key Stage 5
Currently in Staines – moving to Kew Gardens in 12 months
Drives – up to 1 hour okay now and 45 when moves
Not 100% sure – maybe Jan

General Comments
Joseph comes across well
He has a good spell at John King School – would be important to get references from there
Most recent Post & RFL/ Previous Experience
Currently at St Smith’s School – has been there since September
Is not enjoying it at all. Said that the commute is long and not enjoying the department
Not atmosphere or camaraderie.
Said that the workload that they put on their teachers is too much
Looking to move on ASAP
Prior to this his UK experience was in Magna Carta school – was there for three years
RFL there was just for a new challenge, now wishes that he hadn’t
Said refs should be good

Looking for?
Wants English role
Hasn’t taught A-Level in UK but would be happy to do so
Wants permanent role
Has done small bits of History but really wants English

Pass to consultant and request refs and latest CV


  • Ref Details – Difficult to get at the moment.
  • Safeguarding or DBS Cautions/Convictions? – None
  • Point on Pay Scale/Day Rate? M6 – applied for UPS
  • Schools not to contact? – St Smith and John King

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