References – Checking and Saving

References – Checking and Saving #

Checking a Reference for Safeguarding and Quality #

Please alert a Director if any of the below:

•    If there is a ‘yes’ for either of the safeguarding questions at the bottom of the reference
•    If this is a written reference and there is any mention of a safeguarding issue
•    If any of the boxes on the Dunbar Education Proforma are ticked as ‘Unsatisfactory’
•    If this is a written reference and you are concerned about the quality of the reference

If on the Dunbar proforma either of the two safeguarding checks at the bottom of the reference have not been completed, then please reply to the referee and ask them to complete.


Saving a Reference #

The reference should be saved within ‘References’ folder, in the candidate’s folder. (If there is not one, then create one)

The reference should be saved:

‘VER – Ref – Candidate full name – School/Organisation – Contact Position’

Example – VER – Ref – Joe Bloggs – London High School – Headteacher

We also need to drag the email which we have received into the reference folder. This it to provide evidence of us receiving the email.

To do this you need to open the reference folder and then just drag the email from outlook into that folder and it will save automatically.


Adding to Adapt #

•    Once the reference is saved in the candidate’s folder we need to add it to Adapt.
•    Go to candidate’s profile
•    Click on arrow next to ‘Profile’ button
•    Select Document Library (fourth tab along – paperclip icon)
•    Select References
•    Select ‘Add Document’ (Just above the top of the list)
•    Click – Forward to Step 2
•    Click ‘Browse’ and select document from candidate folder
•    Click Upload Document
•    Click Ok

This reference is then saved in the candidate folder


Replying to References #

When receiving a reference back from a referee, you want to make sure you are thanking them for getting back to you as it’s often a step which is forgotten about. There is a chance you’ll have to contact them again so it’s worth building a relationship with them.




Thank you for getting back to us, it is much appreciated.

Your reference has now been forwarded to the relevant consultant.


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