NCTL Check

NCTL Check #

Logging on #

Click on this link: 

Then click on the third box along ‘Employer Access – Organisations’

Email address –
Password – Dunbar2018

Carrying out check #

Enter Teacher Reference Number and DOB

Check Yellow Box for the below

  • Alerts: (If says anything other than ‘None’ – Let Compliance/Director know
  • QTS: (If shows anything other than a date – Let Compliance/Director know
  • Inductions Status: (If says anything other than ‘Pass or Exempt’ they have not complete their induction – unless school already aware – Let Compliance/Director know

On the rest of this page you will have more information regarding the teacher and their qualifications/status.

Saving Check #

  • Press CTL A (select all)
  • Open a word document
  • Press CTL V (paste)
    This should then have pasted all of the information from the web page on to a word document.
    You will then need to save this document within the ‘Candidate Folder’ – ‘Documents’ (if there isn’t already a folder then create it).
    The document name should be – ‘NCTL Check – Full Name’

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