Holiday Requests

Logging on #

For holiday management we use People HR – 

Rules for consultant holiday: #

  1. Consultants are allowed up to 5 days holiday during term time
  2. Consultants must take 10 days holiday in the summer holidays 

To check the request #

When a team member request holiday through People HR software you need to check the below:

  • Do they have enough holiday remaining? (must be at least 10 remaining unless booking summer holiday)
  • Is the requested date within term time for their areas?
  • Is there any training booked on this date?

To authorise or reject #


  • Once you have confirmed that the above is in line with the holiday policy, you may authorise the employee’s holiday request by clicking ‘Authorise’ on the email


  • If the request is not in line with holiday policy then please send the consultant the ‘HR Leave Request Rejected’ and reject the request by clicking ‘Decline’ on the email

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