Carrying out a DBS Update Check

Carrying out a DBS Update Check #

Logging in #

Click on this link 

You will be asked to enter information – you can enter your own information.

You will need the following information,

  • Candidate Surname – Surname which is on the current DBS
  • Candidate Date of Birth
  • Candidate’s DBS Disclosure Number

Results #

We are looking for the DBS to say:

‘This Certificate did not reveal any information and remains current as no further information has been identified since its issue’

This means that the DBS is on the update service, it is clear and there have been no changes since it’s issue.

If we have any result other than this then please let a Director/Compliance know

Saving Check #

  • Press CTL A (select all)
  • Open a word document
  • Press CTL V (paste)
  • This should then have pasted all the information from the web page on to a word document.
  • You will then need go the S Drive – ‘Admin Folder’ – ‘DBS – Candidate Information’ – Select the folder for the month we are in (if it is not there, then create it)
  • Then go to the candidate’s folder (if it is not there, then create it using full name)
  • The document name should be – ‘DBS Update – Full Name’
  • Please then change the candidate DBS Status on Adapt (This can be found on the right-hand side of the profile page
  • Both ‘DBS Status’ and ‘DBS Checked Date’ (if the check has been done and the result is clear select ‘DBS UPDATE – Checked Okay’ – and select today’s date.

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