Barred List Checks

Barred List Checks #

Logging on  #

  • You may be asked to click to confirm certificate – click okay (If you are not able to login at this stage, then you will not have the correct permissions –  let  IT support know and they should be able to resolve this)
  • Password – Capita
  • Press continue

Carrying out check #

  • Enter candidate’s surname 
  • Enter candidate’s DOB


  1. This check may need to be carried out multiple times if the candidate has had more than one surname’
  2. It is very important to check that this is exactly what you have on their docs – the system will NOT alert you if there is an error

Results #

We are looking for the below result

‘No matching records were found using the criteria specified’

If there is any other result – please alert a Director/Compliance immediately.

Saving Check #

•    Press CTL A (select all)
•    Open a word document
•    Press CTL V (paste)
•    This should then have pasted all of the information from the web page on to a word document.
•    You will then need to save this document within the ‘Candidate Folder’ – ‘Documents’ (if there isn’t already a folder then create it).
•    The document name should be – ‘Barred List – Surname Checked’

You will need to do this for each check carried out

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